Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Journey Back...

There is a life that I have not seen, a life I have not yet touched, a life in which
I am powerful beyond human strength or wisdom...a life in heaven.

I have been at school at BSSM for almost two weeks now and it has already been
life changing. There's a part of me that's wondering, "will I really take what I've learned
and apply it to the outside world" (I call that my boring ass adult side) and then there's
the other side of me that's so excited so ready to take on the world and so ready to just
love and help people (that's my childlike side). I've seen a few healings over the past year,
and I get so excited watching people set free, to me that's one of the reasons why I'm
here, "to be set free so I can-in return-set others free."

One thing that I have notice, since I've been here, is the incredible wisdom and
revelation of my teachers-I really admire their courage to get more of God, at any cost!
I think for me, though, I want to keep it simple so I came up with this, what I'm going to
focus on while I'm here: Loving God, Loving myself, Loving people and doing what Jesus
did. If I can do just the first thing on that list, I'll be golden...hopefully.

The Journey back-

The one thing that they never tell you is
how great you are
how brilliant of a mind you have
sitting amongst the wolves of jealousy and envy
I strive to keep up with the shakers, players, dreamers
of a life that could only be lived through the eyes of deception

They know better, they know who I am, they know...

But if they could they would not that I would but that they
possibly if not worst, not better, they would do it

I stop to catch a breath

trains coming through again
55 to south and 99 on the way


silence reigns dust settles I shake off my
backpack of stuff

in the distance there is only a monument of
accomplishments that were meant to astonish....

goodnight dreamer tomorrow we dance

-Willy Branlund

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